Holland Short workshop with Amazon Plants, near Amsterdam

This short workshop with Amazon Plants is a life changing experience. You will have the opportunity to experience the Ayahuasca in a safe, professionally conducted way.

Minimim group size: 4
Maximum group size: 10


The programme includes:
* 1 Tobacco cleansing purging ceremony: the juice of the leaves of the tobacco when bolied helps to unblock energetic channels and brings mental clarity, spiritual strenght and its ideal to start ayahuasca ceremonies More info >>
* 1 Ayahuasca ceremony, the sacred plant of the ancestors grandfathers, is a great teacher that shows us with love what we have inside of us, which gives us an opportunity to learn, heal and cleanse our internal traumas and blockages, it also renews our body More info >> 

Detailed programme:

Day 1 Friday
Tabaco purge 6pm till 9pm latest

Day 2 Saturday

Ayahuasca ceremony 6pm till 11pm latest
It is recommended you sleep at the place of the ceremony or have a driver/taxi arranged to be picked up around 12pm.

Day 3 Sunday
Ayahuasca ceremony 6pm till 11pm latest
It is recommended you sleep at the place of the ceremony or have a driver/taxi arranged to be picked up around 12pm.

Costs and conditions:

Friday& Saturday night retreat: Friday purge and 1 Ayahuasca ceremony: Euro 450 - 490
Costs include accomodation and all suitable food.
Extra Ayahausca ceremony: Euro 150*
Only tabacco purge: Euro 100

* Reference tabaco purge: Only participants that had been thru a purge with shamanic plants or a diet in the jungle in the last 4 months are exempt from the need of the tobacco purge if they do not want to take it. All others are required to go thru it to guarantees a nice and pleasant Ayahausca session for everybody involved
* If you use cannabis you need to stop completely at least 10 days before

Retreat house
Near Amsterdam

Leading shaman: Thomas Aquila Bianca

To apply to participate please send a note about yourself, your spiritual practice to-date and the motivation behind doing this retreat. Also enclose a photo of yourself where your eyes are visible and/or link your facebook account.
The shaman will decide whether he is interested in inviting you to the retreat and you will have a personal interview with the shaman via skype before you join the retreat. For this interview the shaman charges $150 in advance.

Contacts :
Customer Service


Those recommendation should be followed in order to obtain the most advantage of the session. 
3 days before and 3 days after the session avoid:
* alcohol, drugs and chemical substances
* strong spices and food with conservants
* meat, mainly swine and its derivatives
* fried and fat foods
* foods with high quantity of salt and sugar
* sexual contacts
* environments with heavy, negative energies

Important note: Integration period post ceremony
After a ceremony with teacher plants (Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Peyote etc) or a retreat where the teacher plants are used it is essential for your own good to integrate the experiance. What does it mean? It means you should take your time and have at least the full day or 2 days in a quiet place where you can sleep, have walks in nature, eat light and healthy food, drink loads of water, liquids and fruit juices.
After the ceremony you body is fragile and your energy field is still open and it can be very damaging for you if you are set to travel by bus or plane for many hours. There no point of rushing things thru willing to see more places or wanting to experience more ceremonies. Take your time, and give you body and your energetical system time to adapt to a new configuration.

Unless you are in a retreat with a specific programme with a start and finish it is recommended you to have at least 2 weeks break before you have another ceremony.