Visit abroad: costs and finances

General terms
These are just examples values to give an idea of costs involved. Final figures would need to studied and agreed each time.

Planning ahead and advanced bookings only
It is wise to plan and prepare at least a month ahead.
You would need to take advanced bookings and payments for the planned activities.
There are no refunds, participants can find somebody to fill their spot which is already paid for.

What needs to be paid for in advance:
1) Return plane ticket for at least a week. Flight from my location, normally Miami, Us to your destination.
2) 50% of my salary: This needs to be send upon booking.
3) Euro 300 for medicine for a week, sometimes I have to mail it to your destination. This needs to be send at least 3 weeks before I travel.

My accomodation:
I can stay in somebody's house, in a private rooms. It needs to be a of a good, clean standard, without drinking, drugs, ciggaretts users.
Alternatively I can stay stay in a hotel/guesthouse a in a quiet area. This needs to payed for.

My salary
For Euro zone after all costs are covered, for each week of work I would expect at least USD 4000.