Dances for the Divine Mother - Women Retreat, Evia, Greece

Retreat for women

July 5-12, 2019
Evia Island, Greece

~ A woman’s retreat for embodied healing through sacred dance
& devotional song ~

In this retreat we will dive deep into the soul trait of compassion (rahma/rehem- womb) connecting to the divine mother, eternal source of compassion. Through our dance, song and chant we will explore how we can embody the divine mother and the soul trait of compassion. We will open our womb, heart and full being to deep healing through the movement journeys, ocean currents, sisterhood and songs for the mother. Each day will journey through ritual infused dance, vocal and percussive sessions, immersion in the ocean and guided improvisation. 

Special guest singer Sonja Drakulich (of Stellamara) will offer daily vocal sessions, as well as devotional chanting. Special guest Poliana Dimitropoulou will share in traditional Greek culture through song, dance, mythology and ritual. The retreat will culminate in a site-specific prayer-formance of song and dance in the temple of Delphi. It will be a deeply layered ritual that will include all of our collective sacred movement practices, prayers, songs and intentions for calling compassion into our lives and into the world.

~ Integral Dance - Conscious Movement & Somatic Arts with Miriam Peretz:

Developed by Miriam Peretz, Integral Dance is rooted in intentional movement and ritual to awaken the highest potential of self individually and communally. The dance practices are inspired by the movement of circles, spirals and cycles that we find within the physical, energetic, and universal body. Classes integrate intensive dance experience, sequences focused on healthy alignment and spinal fluidity, focused breath work, improvisation and choreography. Integral Dance draws deep inspiration from Silk Road (Central Asian) themes and aesthetics, as well as from the devotional practice of whirling. Each class session is a journey through the physical, spiritual and emotional realms of being, and a call to open one’s hearts to others and to the universe. The dance sanctuary is a place to move, sweat, sway, breath, love, pray and embrace personal empowerment as well as a deep sense of humility.

Miriam Peretz is an internationally celebrated dance instructor and performer. Over the past twenty years, her signature dance style has spread across continents through her international dance collective Nava, and through the intensive trainings she offers worldwide. Miriam weaves spiritual and devotional elements into every dance session drawing upon her background as a dervish and as a child of mystics. Her classes are infused with group rituals that help participants find the deeper meaning and significance of the movements and dances she teaches. Miriam sees dance as a uniquely powerful means of expressing deep emotion and spiritual yearning, and the perfect embodiment of prayer. Miriam’s passion thrives in cultivating community and sisterhood through dance, in utilizing dance ritual to mark life transitions, and in creating nurturing, safe environments for sacred movement practice and transformational experiences. Regarded as a weekly ritual by her students, Miriam’s teaching offers a journey through the terrain of the body, heart, mind and spirit.

~ Vocal Freedom / Songs of the Soul with Sonja Drakulich:

Rooted in somatic healing, the vocal based format is based in the liberation and refining of the voice through the creation of pure, natural tone, expanded awareness and freedom of expression. Sonja guides students in opening the voice and body as a vessel, into ancestral healing through song and vibrational attunement, and in the
re-wiring of new neural pathways for physical, emotional and mental transformation. Beautiful songs of the Balkans and Near East, along with other ancestral lineages are included, as well as devotional chanting and rhythms from North Africa and Sufi traditions.

Sonja Drakulich is best known as singer, producer, composer and founder of the internationally-acclaimed world music ensemble, Stellamara, and as singer and percussionist for the Northern European Medieval-Folk band, Faun. With Stellamara, she has toured throughout the US and Europe and has produced three critically-acclaimed CD releases, five star reviews from Alternative Press, Electronic Musician, New Age Voice, SF Weekly and many other notable publications, with albums in the top ten of the World Music Charts. As a master vocal teacher specializing in freeing the voice into unlimited expression, Sonja has lead international, workshops and private courses for over fifteen years and master classes and retreats for over seven years. She has developed a unique method of vocal based Somatic Therapy, Qigong and Practical Ritual, rooted in Nada Yoga, Ancestral Healing and in the synthesis of optimal techniques practices she has learned throughout the Eastern and Western world. Throughout her studies and her career as producer, performer and teacher, she maintains her focus on the devotional aspect of song and on intercultural unification through music.

~ Immersion into the Greek Culture with Poliana Dimitropoulou:

Poliana Dimitropoulou comes from Crete, Greece, she graduated the University of Arts, various healing modalities and workshop facilitation. The last 12 years her work is focused on ritual healing arts (singing, dancing, drumming), traditional therapies, energy healing, meditation training and leading women circles on womb healing, self awareness and empowerment. As a world traveler she has studied/practiced modern methods but also ancient knowledge from Greece, India, Mexico and United states while living with indigenous tribes. Poliana is organizing events and ceremonies supporting the world native cultures, while with her elders blessing she guides ceremonies, sweatlodges, ritual cleansings and temple offerings. She is creator of RHEA Temple – Ritual Healing Arts, a project inspired from the Greek mystic tradition and is a harmonious combination of those tools and events that offer a holistic mind, body and soul experience which invokes awareness, liberation and reconnection to the source. Her offerings for this retreat will be immersion into the ancient Greek mystic tradition, history, mythology and ritual including a guided tour to the Delphoi Temple tradition. She will also share in traditional Greek dances and songs dedicated to the Divine Mother.

More videos:
Teaching samples:

Detailed program:

July 5th
Afternoon arrival
6:00- Dinner
7:00-9:30- Opening to the Beloved-
Opening circle rituals

July 6th
8:30-10:00 Breakfast
10:00-1:00- Dance session
1:30- 2:30- Lunch
2:30-6:00- Beach time/FREE time!
6:00-7:30- Singing with Sonja
7:30-8:30- Dinner

July 7th  
8:30-10:00- Breakfast
10:00-1:00- Dance session
1:30-2:30- Lunch
2:30- 6:00- Beach time/FREE time!
6:00-7:30- Singing with Sonja
7:30-8:30- Dinner
8:30-10:00-Greek Songs & Dances with Poliana

July 8th
8:30-10:00- Breakfast
10:00-1:00- Dance session
1:30-2:30- Lunch
2:30- 6:00- Beach time/FREE time!
6:00-7:30- Singing with Sonja
7:30-8:30- Dinner
8:30-10:00-Guedra with Miriam & Sonja (Moroccan Healing chants)
July 9th
8:30-10:00- Breakfast
10:00-1:00- Dance session
1:30-2:30- Lunch
2:30- 6:00- Beach time/FREE time!
6:00-7:30- Singing with Sonja
7:30-8:30- Dinner
8:30-10:00- Whirling & Zikr

July 10th
8:30-10:00- Breakfast
10:00-1:00- Dance session
1:30-2:30- Lunch
2:30- 6:00- Beach time/FREE time!
6:00-7:30- Greek culture with Poliana
7:30-8:30- Dinner
8:30-10:00- Poetry, dance improvisation night

July 11th
8:00-9:00- Breakfast
9:30- Depart for Delphi
Full day trip adventures to temple of Delphi & Athena, with an evening dance offering at a historic site.
9:00- return to Sunshine house (light dinner)

July 12th
8:30-10:00- Breakfast
10:00-2:00- Final Dance & song session & Closing rituals                                          
2:00- Lunch & goodbye’s

Prices per person: 
 1600 per person - last minute prices when paid in last 2 weeks before the retreat 
 1500 per person - standard prices 
 1350 per person - early bird prices for payments before 15 May

Prices for 2 people : 

* 20% discount is offered for 2nd person when booking together and sharing a room.
 2880 per person - last minute prices when paid in last 2 weeks before the retreat 
 2700 per person - standard prices 
 2430 per person - early bird prices for payments before 15 May

What is included in the price:

* quality accommodation for 7 nights
* 3 veggie meals per day
* all activities as per program
trips to the beach
* Greek hospitality

What's not included:
* Excursion to Delphi (approx €100 per person)
* Return transfer to the airport (approx €100 each way)

Private Retreat
Sunshine House
Evia Island

How to get there:
Airport: Athens

1. BY BUS :
·    Take the bus from the airport to Athens (X93 KIFISOS INTERCITY BUS STATION – ATHENS AIRPORT EXPRESS.  Direct Connection to the intercity bus (KTEL) terminals KIFISOS and LIOSION.  Tell the driver you would like to get off at the bus station to go to Halkida (Liossion Ktel station). The bus from the airport to the bus station to get the next bus to go to Halkida costs 6 euros one way. 
·    Take the bus to Halkida. The bus leaves from platform 5 every 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on the day , takes around 1 hour,  and costs 7,50 euros one way. 
·    When you arrive in Halkida, take a taxi to Sunshine House (Neofitou str. Bourtzi, Agios Nikolaos).    It takes 10 minutes and costs around 10  euros.

·    Take the subway line three (blue line) from the airport to Syntagma and the take the line two (red line) direction Anthoupoli and get down to Larissas station.The ticket costs 6 euros. 
·    The train to Chalkida leaves every hour, takes 1,5 hour and costs around 6 euros.
·    When you arrive in Halkida, you can take a taxi to Sunshine House (Neofitou str. Bourtzi, Agios Nikolaos).     It takes 15 minutes and costs around 15  euros.
( We dont recommend the train since you might need to change trains, it is slow and a little bit more expensive).

3.  BY CAR: 
·    In driving to Sunshine House from Athens, you take the national highway, exit for Halkida,
·    Cross the bridge and at the traffic lights turn right towards South Evia.
·    Going straight, you will find a round about. Enter and  turn right for Lampsakos, go through the town and then go straight ahead towards Bourtzi. After you enter into a village called Agios Nikolaοs, you will pass a petrol station in your left and a bit after you will see a kebab place on your right called “To Kati Allo” and a round sign on your left saying K.A.P.H. After that, you take the second street on the left, called Odos Neofitou.  

4.  BY TAXI:  If you want to come by taxi from the airport the cost is about 100 euros.
 Our exact spot on google maps :

Bookings and contact:

Private retreats are available by special arrangement for groups of 4 or more.

Cancellation/changes/no show policy:
1) Once you book your place / pay there are no refunds. It is a serious commitment to take part in the retreat. You should honor that and so will we.
2) If you can't make it to a selected retreat you can:
a) find somebody else until 7 days before the start date, no extra fee required
b) no shows with no notice equals in 100% fee loss.

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