How to make your retreat business succcessful


Organizing retreats is a great way to live and work. 
It is also a good karma exercise, helping people to heal and grow. is a very rewarding activity to undertake. 
There is a great need within a society for healing and spiritual orientation, so there is a great business and good karma opportunity. 
There can be a lot of stress and challenges associated with it also.

We have been running successfully retreats for over 4 years now and we have been thru a lot, learned a lot about this business, and now we have put together a course to help those new in the business to start on this path and become successful. 

We will discuss the process of putting together a retreat, the problems that occur, problems with seasonality, how to solve them, where and hot to register a company, some trick of the trade, where to advertise, what to do and what not to do on the retreat, how to make a good lasting impression on your guests etc etc.

Once you become our consumer we can share with you contacts for some amazing retreat places and professionals for website building / Social Media advertising / Virtual Assistants etc.

Our in-house online marketing services:

Thomas Warzywoda
Mystical expert, retreat facilitator, and the director of Dharma Mystical Tours - an international retreat company.

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We offer a call in a group and individual sessions.

Online courses for individuals, a group call on skype
Online courses consist of 2 sessions of 90-120min each, every Saturday
Price: U$D 450 for 2 sessions
Special price: U$D 250 for 2 sessions for first 4 people signing up on each month

What time for you?
7am UTC-8 (California)
9am UTC-6 (Huston, TX)
10am UTC-5 (New York, NY)
4pm UTC+1 (Zurich)
11pm UTC +8 (Singapore / Hong Kong)

Can’t make this day / time? please get in touch we will try to accommodate.

Private consultations / private sessions are also available online USD150 per hour.

Payments by paypal or bank wire.

Interested? Our contacts:
Send us an email outlining what your struggles are. We will address them during the course.
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