Weight loss retreats

Weight loss & yoga retreats 

30 Nov - 13 Dec 2018
Samui - Thailand

15 Feb - 1 Mar 2019
India - Goa 

19 Apr - 3 May 2019
Greece -  Ikaria Island

The group is limited to 6-8 people to guarantee the most intimate experience and full instructors attention. Quality setting and accommodation.

Join us for this revolutionary  DetoxWeight Loss and Total Fitness Program that’ll help revolutionize your health. This retreat is not only beneficial to those willing to loos weight, but those in need to boost their vitality and improve health overall can also benefit greatly from participating.

We will not only work with you for 2 weeks, but also provide you with tools and knowledge so that you can continue using them to get healthier and fitter by yourself.

It takes 14 days for the body and mind to break the habits so 14 day long retreat is ideal. If you can't make it that long we have prepared also weekend and 7 day options.

We are combining standard fitness classes, shamanic practices, yoga, meditation and mantras to achieve an elegant and efficient solution for your weight. You will be encouraged and motivated, it is not a push push type of modality.

We will be personalizing the program and the diet according to individual needs of the participants.

What's on the 'menu' :
* daily fitness classes
* daily meditation and mantra practice for weight loss and general health
* shamanic detox with the tobacco purge more info >>
* shamanic fire ritual for loosing weight
* forgiveness ritual
* daily yoga classes
* detox days
* fasting days
* healthy, nutritious meals & juices
* juice cleansing days
* workshop of weight loss diet according to blood type