Ionian Islands Luxury Sail Cruise on a catamaran

Ionian Islands 
Luxury Sail Cruise
on a catamaran 


Dates in 2020:
9 - 16 May
16 - 23 May
3 - 10 Oct
10 - 17 Oct

for other dates please ask.

Experience the beauty and magic of Greece with a luxury cruise and island hopping adventure on a Bali Catamaran across the truly stunning Ionian sea! The trip will start in Lefkada with travel to nearby islands and visits to beautiful, world famous beaches. 

Optional meditation and mantra workshops will be offered while cruising, and throughout the trip you will be presented with many opportunities to slow down and connect to the power of nature. As you embrace the freedom of the open water you may find yourself delving deeply into your inner self, exploring the places inside that need healing and releasing the unnecessary baggage accumulated in daily life. 

The majority of the trip will be spent on board the boat, but there will ample time to explore and visit some great tavernas while on shore.

Day 1: Lefkas - Fiscardo, Kefalonia island
Day 3: Katelioi - Zante (13 nm for the Beach with the Shipwreck, 15 nm for the port)
Day 4: Zante - Kioni
Day 5: Ithaca island.
Day 6: Ithaca - Kastos islet
Day 7: Return to Lefkas 

How to get there:
Flights or bu raod to Lefkada
Flights or boats to Corfu town and than ferry to Lefkada. 

Prices :
early bird prices for payments before 31 Jan
 2999  - 1 person in a shared cabin (2 sharing)
 4999 - 2 people sharing the cabin and booking together

standard prices
 3999 1 person in a shared cabin (2 sharing)
€ 6999 - 2 people sharing the cabin and booking together

last minute prices when paid in last 2 weeks before the retreat 
 4999  1 person in a shared cabin (2 sharing)
 7999 - 2 people sharing the cabin and booking together

Prices are all inclusive of :
* Seven days/nights accommodation on your private  Luxury Bali 4.0 Catamaran
* Skipper
* All fees and taxes

Not included:
* Greek taverna lunches & dinners ashore (please allow at least €250 per person)
* onland transportation
* your food/breakfast - you need to purchase the things you wish to eat and have onboard and prepare it yourself together with other companions of your trip. Water, some fruits and some dry snacks will be available onboard. 

Please note: This retreat will run with 4 people signed up. The group is limited to 8 on one boat. 

Personal Logistics:
Sailboat departure from Lefkas, Paleros marina at 5pm on Saturday.
Sailboat return to Lefkas, Paleros marina next Friday in the evening.
Check out is on following Saturday at 9am.
Lefkas is both accessible by Aktio airport or mainland without ferry - there is a bridge that connects the island to mainland. You can also fly or get by boat to Corfu and than from Corfu to Lefkada.

If you need to return for your earlier flight there are commercial ferry boats that can arrive earlier: You can check the times on

Note about sailing itinerary:
The itinerary are suggested and subject to approval by skipper who will be evaluating prevailing weather and sea conditions at the time of charter. Private charter vessels are not cruise ships and can alter point of call at any time during the charter for passengers’ safety and comfort. This is a sample itinerary suggestion which is not legally binding. All information is given in good faith and is believed correct but cannot be guaranteed. The itinerary that will be followed will be discussed by Charterer and skipper upon embarkation, every effort will be made to meet Charterer’s preferences but the actual itinerary that will be followed is subject to weather conditions and to the discretion of the skipper who will be considering passengers’ safety first.

This to bring/consider:
* Travel insurance - it might be worthwhile checking with your company to ensure you're covered for sailing activities or any last-minute emergencies, 
* Travel dates - if your schedule allows it, stay an extra day before and after your trip.  Don’t fly in on Saturday and join the boat immediately, then finish your trip on Saturday
* Rock shoes - the rocks can be sharp and if you have some rock shoes, they may be a handy addition to your luggage (if you plan on a little exploring),
* Luggage - most people tend to over pack for a sailing holiday.  You generally can pack on the light side, just remember your swimmers, something for the evening at dinner and a warm jacket.  Soft bags are preferred on the boat as they're easier to stow away and cause less damage,
* Beach towel - We will provide ben linen and a towel, however if you’d like a beach towel it may pay to bring your own,
* Power adapter - it’s always good to bring a power adapter for any electrical items, including USB cords.  The boat has 2 prong European power points, personal power banks are also a great idea to bring with you, 
* Medication - if you need medication, remember to bring it with you, including seasickness tablets if you get motion sickness.  It’s better to be safe than seasick!
* Music - pack your favourite music on your iPod or MP3 player and remember to pack your aux cable,
* Money - bring cash for dinners in town, as the island may not have an ATM or accept cards
* Shoes - any shoes  with dark or marking soles and heels are not permitted on board.  It would be wise to bring flip-flops or similar for the hot weather,
* Personal - Remember your personal toiletries, including shampoo and to pack your swimmers! 

Other items guests like to bring can also include:
* Underwater camera or GoPro for creating a video of your holiday

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Bookings and contact:
Customer Service
Whatsapp: +30.6974575898

Private retreats are available by special arrangement for groups of 4 or more.

Cancellation/changes/no show policy:
1) Once you book your place / pay there are no refunds. It is a serious commitment to take part in the retreat. You should honour that and so will we.
2) If you can't make it to a selected retreat you can:
a) find somebody else until 7 days before the start date, no extra fee required
b) no shows with no notice equals in 100% fee loss.

3) if we cancel the retreat you will receive a full refund withing 2 to 8 weeks normally.