Mystical and photography tours

Great mystical and energy places are often great isolated sites which are speech withholding places
surely worth photographing.

Our proposal is to combine to trip to the places of ancestral rites and ceremonies and possibility to participating in the rituals and taking amazing and rare photographs.

You will be accompanied by a top professional photographer who knows the area and best spots for the photo taking.
For the mystical exercises and rituals you will be accompanied by a mystical expert and local spiritual guides.

You are free to participate in only the photography or only in the mystical activities or both as you please.

Hope our selection of breathtaking places and great retreats will appeal to you and your peers.

Groups are limited to 6 participants.

Our current destinations:

China: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
Duration: 7 days

Switzerland: Lenk im Simmental Valley
Duration: 7 days 

Italy: Aosta Valley near Courmayeur
Duration: 7 days 

Duration: 7 days

South America
Peru: Sacred Valley near Cusco
Duration: 7 days

Peru: Puno & Titicaca Lake
Duration: 7 days

Ecuador: Cuenca and surroundings
Duration: 7 days

Our packages start from USD 3,000.

Leading shaman: Thomas Aquila Bianca

To apply to participate please send a note about yourself, your spiritual practice to-date and the motivation behind doing this retreat. Also enclose a photo of yourself where your eyes are visible and/or link your facebook account.
The shaman will decide whether he is interested in inviting you to the retreat and you will have a personal interview with the shaman via skype before you join the retreat. For this interview the shaman charges $150 in advance.

Contacts :
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