Shamanic Retreat Colca Canyon

Shamanic Retreat  
Colca Canyon
Arequipa, Peru
3 or 7 Days


This in an ongoing retreat, please get in touch for additional dates:

Colca Canyon
One of the many magical places in Peru.
Home of dramatic scenery, amazing energy and great hiking trails.
Witness the majesty of condors in their natural habitat and experience Peruvian mountain village life.

How to get there:
International flights to Lima
Flights or bus to Arequipa.

Day 1
10 AM Transfer from your hotel in Arequipa to Colca (4,5hs)
Arrivals & accommodation
Welcome dinner
Evening meditation

Day 2
Morning meditation 
Trip to Condor Viewpoint
Afternoon: mountain trek and Despacho Ceremony

Day 3
Mountain trek
San Pedro Ceremony

Day 4
Thermal baths

Day 5
Mountain Trek
Ayahausca or San Pedro Ceremony 

Day 6
Geiser of Pinchollo visit
Thermal baths

Day 7
Morning meditation
Goodbye lunch
Return to Arequipa early evening

Leading shaman: 

Felix Quispe Sarmiento
A Peruvian shaman and keeper of the Nazca traditions.
Performs Andean and Condor blessings and delivers medicine ceremonies in special energy places.

Prices 3 days: 
USD 750 per person - early bird prices for payments at least 90 days before the retreat
USD 850 per person - standard prices
USD 990 per person - last minute prices payed in last 2 weeks before the retreat

Prices 7 days: 
USD 1500 per person - early bird prices for payments at least 90 days before the retreat
USD 1750 per person - standard prices
USD 1990 per person - last minute prices payed in last 2 weeks before the retreat

Second person gets 20% discounts when booking together and sharing a room.

Price includes: accommodation, all suitable meals, all activities, all transportation and guides during the retreat, entries to sites.

Interested? Please read this....

Who Is This Retreat For:

This  retreat is for those who seek healing and spiritual teaching. 

The shaman is a spiritual teacher, a representative from the spiritual world. He will teach you and guide you to the lessons your soul requires, by whatever means necessary.

This retreat is not something you buy, like a fridge from Walmart. You will not be able to dictate the terms of how things will be done during and prior to the retreat. The methods presented are mostly non-conventional and lack human logic. That is, they are purely driven by the Divine inspiration the shaman receives. 

It is important to approach this experience with an open mind and heart, and to treat the shaman with respect and humility. He is there to help you learn and heal, and you must not squander this important opportunity. 

Most people suffer from anxiety and impatience, lack of love and tolerance for others. This does not give you the right to rush things or demand quicker service or a 'bigger dose'. Each step is a preparation for the next one, and you must trust in the tools that are presented. 

The process of deep healing and teaching occurs on a cosmic time and order. Patience, compassion and humbleness are the qualities necessary to access the spiritual world with shaman's help. If you do not possess these the shaman will teach you and provide you with tools necessary to start learning.

If you do not behave according to the shaman's guidelines and instruction you will be asked to leave the retreat space without any money back.

If you are looking for a DMT experience or something intense and adrenaline inducing like a parachute jump, this retreat is not for you. This retreat is also not for you if you used cannabis in the last 6 months. If so you will need to undergo a special cleanse before you join a ceremony.

In short if you are serious, disciplined enough to follow the shamans instruction, and are able to learn and receive whatever is presented with an open heart, then please send us your short application.

Please apply only if you can comfortably pay for the retreat
No discounts, nor free participation is offered. 
There are of course cheaper retreats than ours, but we feel we are asking a fair price for what we offer. 
We work exclusively in places and venues of special beauty and abundance and that carry special Earth, Cosmic and Divine energies, so you can incorporate that during your stay and 'take it with you'. We also work exclusively with small groups of carefully selected serious students/participants.

Leading shaman: Thomas Aquila Bianca

To apply to participate please send a note about yourself, your spiritual practice to-date and the motivation behind doing this retreat. Also enclose a photo of yourself where your eyes are visible and/or link your facebook account.
The shaman will decide whether he is interested in inviting you to the retreat and you will have a personal interview with the shaman via skype before you join the retreat. For this interview the shaman charges $150 in advance.

Contacts :
Customer Service

Private retreats are available by special arrangement.

After the Ceremony
After a ceremony or retreat where the teacher plants (Tobacco, Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Peyote, etc.) are used it is essential for you to set aside time to reflect on the experience.
If possible, allow yourself at least 3 days to reintegrate what you have experienced into your day-to-day life. You are likely to be very sensitive and open after your journey, so be gentle with yourself. Do your best to avoid stress and create a healing, quiet space where you can get plenty of rest, good sleep, healthy food and time in nature.

Cancellation/changes/no show policy:
1) Once you book your place / pay there are no refunds. It is a serious commitment to take part in the retreat. You should honor that and so will we.
2) If you can't make it to a selected retreat you can:
a) find somebody else until 7 days before the start date, no extra fee required
b) no shows with no notice equals in 100% fee loss.
3) if we cancel the retreat for any reason you will be either given full refund or rescheduled in the same location within 12 months. This will be established on individual case basis.