Dancing Goddess - Mediterranean retreat for women Ikaria Greece

Mediterranean retreat for women
Retreat for women based on  Archetypes of Ancient Greek Goddesses

20 - 27 June 2020
Ikaria Island, Greece

You will transform yourselves into the Hellenic Goddesses for a week, awaken and enhance your femininity though with dancing, acting, playing and yoga.

The setting will allow you to relax under the sun and sea at the local beautiful beaches, enjoy the Mediterranean food and the Greek hospitality.

Women only. Minimum 4 maximum 10 participants.

Experience a unique inner journey
in this 7 days retreat and offer yourself the opportunity to:

* Awaken and enhance your femininity
* Transform yourselves into the Hellenic Goddesses 
* Connect to the female divinity through the ancient archetypes of energy
* Relax under the sun and sea at the local beautiful beaches
* Enjoy Mediterranean food (traditional or vegetarian)
* Connect to the nature,
* Meet the Greek hospitality.

Activities & workshops including:
* Yoga daily practice
* Meditative sacred dance
* Ancient hymns
* Improvisational acting techniques
* Emotional make-up
* meditations in special energy places – temples
* sharing circles 

Daily program:

Recover and empower your female energy through Ancient Female Archetypes

based on Ancient Hellenic Goddesses

Each day will be dedicated to one Hellenic Goddess’ Archetype in order to connect and work on those specific energies.

Introduction to the goddess energy of the day
Yoga practice divine flow (1h)

Afternoon: Workshop and activities (2/3h)

Sunday - Hestia day

Hearth, home, domesticity
Arrivals and settling in
Introduction to the retreat and opening ritual
Welcome dinner

Monday - Artemis day
Hunter / Moon/ wilderness / protector of birth and young
Excursion to the Temple of Artemis

Tuesday - Athena day
Wisdom Strategy War 

Wednesday – Dimitra day
Mother Earth / fertility /Agriculture

Thursday - Hera day
Female Leadership / Marriage

Friday - Aphrodite day 
Love Pleasure abundance

Meditation in special energy places – temples
Closing ritual -Sharing circle
Goodbye dinner / party


Leading instructors:

Erasmia Kritikou

Erasmia is a yoga teacher, a personal development and wellbeing coach, actress, dancer, energy healer, massage therapist.
More info >>

Eleana Chioni
Eleana is a Social Worker and holds a master degree in Art therapy and another in Special Education.  
She is also the owner of Kefalonian Retreats.

More info >>

Deidalos Boutique hotel
Ikaria Island, Greece

Daidalos Hotel on Ikaria Island. Hotel Daidalos offers a splendid view of the immense azure Aegean Sea and the ancient Ionian land. Delicately decorated with artistic hands of theater directors.

Prices per person: 
 1990 per person - last minute prices paid in last 2 weeks before the retreat 
 1750 per person - standard prices 
 1500 per person - early bird prices for payments before 1 May

Prices for 2 people : 
* 20% discount is offered for 2nd person when booking together and sharing a room.
 3582 per person - last minute prices paid in last 2 weeks before the retreat 
 3150 per person - standard prices 
 2700 per person - early bird prices for payments before 1 May
What is included in the price:

* quality accommodation - own room unless sharing

* 2 healthy meals each day (breakfast and dinner)

* Daily yoga classes (Vinyasa Balanced Flow) in the retreat villa (in English)

* Excursion to the Temple or Artemis in Nas

* Return transfer to the Evdilos port


You can pay the full amount in advance or a 50% deposit in advance and the rest 50% in cash upon arrival.

Please note this retreat will run with 4 or more participants.
* The instructors will be available upon request during the retreat, on extra charge for :
Private consultation
Healing sessions
Massage Therapies
Aura cleaning and chakra balancing

How to get there:
By plane
flights from Athens.
The aiport (JIK) is located on the other side of the island. The transfer is not included in the price. It can cost about  30 each way and take up to 2hs.

By boat
How to get there:
Ferries to Ikaria leave Pireaus port at 7.35am daily.
Nearest port : Evdilos. 

check the schedule on viva.gr.

Bookings and contact:
Lynn, assistant
Balkan Events

WhatsApp: +30.6974575898

Private retreats are available by special arrangement for groups of 4 or more.

Cancellation/changes/no show policy:
1) Once you book your place / pay there are no refunds. It is a serious commitment to take part in the retreat. You should honor that and so will we.
2) If you can't make it to a selected retreat you can:
a) find somebody else until 7 days before the start date, no extra fee required
b) no shows with no notice equals in 100% fee loss.

As a complement to this retreat we recommend the following packages:
* a great package for day night or arrival or departure from Athens, called Welcome to Athens & Ancient Greek Massage Wellness Package. 
* an Ancient Athens and Ancient Greek sites private photography tour
* an Ancient Greece Biking Tour