New Year Eve Celebration Retreat Venice Venezia Italy

New Years Eve in Venice, Italy Yoga Retreat
29 Dec  – 2 Jan 

Transition into the New Year in a splendid city of canals and cathedrals.

The New Year is the ideal time to get clear on what you want to welcome into your life and set your intention for the upcoming year. Riding the flow of empowering yoga and workshops, this retreat is designed to take you through a journey of transformation. Starting with recognizing what is weighing you down and practicing yoga and reflection to assist you to let it go and attract what you need.

We will combine yoga, meditations and shamanic techniques to heal and evolve while enjoying the the best Venice has to offer; its beauty, food and drinks.

The small and intimate nature of this retreat means we will determine the style and class levels best suited to participants’ needs. The retreat is open to all level and students will get personalized attention and instruction to deeply explore and grow their practice.

The retreat will be hosted at luxury boutique Apartment in the heart of the San Marco district of Venice, where you’ll find a timeless atmosphere and feel yourself transported back to the old days of glorious Venezia. With careful attention to detail and sophisticated furnishings, the spacious 5-bedroom flat is refined, welcoming and perfect those who want to experience an elegant and traditional space with all of the modern comforts.

Every detail of the accommodations will add a flavour of romance and exclusivity to your time in Venice.

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Please note: in case of late booking an alternative accommodation may be offered.


Colourful, enchanting and picturesque, Venice is the perfect place to lose yourself in the romantic Italian culture. Wander the endless tiny streets, or take a boat trip to the islands. You will understand why Monet became enraptured with the city and couldn’t help but paint it. Perhaps, you will see it through his eyes too.

29 Dec (Arrival Day)
  • Arrivals and Check in at apartment 
  • Introductions + gentle yoga class 
  • Welcome Dinner 
30 Dec
  • Morning yoga and meditation - release the old 
  • Breakfast 
  • Shamanic aura cleansing 
  • Free time for reflection + exploration 
  • Aperol spritz town tour 
  • Pre-NYE warm up party 

31 Dec
  • Morning yoga and meditation 
  • Movement and physical exploration workshop 
  • Optional: Massage, excursions, private classes 
  • San Marco square celebrations 

1 Jan
  • Late Morning - yoga and 
  • New Years Brunch 
  • Exercise: Map of Desires 
  • Workshop - How to Attract What you want 
  • Meditation - Welcome the New 

2 Jan

  • Morning yoga and meditation 
  • Reflection workshop (optional) 
  • Departures 

- Optional tours can be organized according to group and individual interests
- The group is limited to 8 people to guarantee the most intimate experience.

Shaman and mystical guide, Thomas White Eagle, will facilitate the classes, helping each student focus on improving their practice and gaining new insights into their bodies and movements.

His healing practices are a mix of high vibrational energy, high consciousness awareness and trans-cultural shamanism with a modern twist.

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How to get there:

Venice Marco Polo and Treviso Airports.

Useful link:


Prices per person - single room:
€1,500 per person - standard prices
€1,750 per person - last minute prices paid in last 2 weeks before the retreat

Prices per person - double room - queen bed :
€1,750 per person - standard prices
1,990 per person - last minute prices paid in last 2 weeks before the retreat

Cost for Double Occupancy (two persons sharing - double room or queen bed):
€3,184 - last minute prices paid in last 2 weeks before the retreat
€2,800 - standard prices

What’s Included:
* Accommodation in a superior room (private unless sharing)
* Daily yoga classes and all workshops
* Dinner in town on 29 Dec
* Aperol Spritz tour on 30 Dec
* Full use of apartment premises and its facilities
* Use of yoga mats and props

Interested? Please read this....

Who is the retreat for
The retreat is for those who seek healing and spiritual teaching. This teaching starts from the moment in which you express interest in joining this retreat. 

The shaman is a spiritual teacher, a representative from the spiritual world. He will teach you whatever it is necessary and by whatever means necessary the lessons your soul require. 
This retreat is not something you buy, like a fridge from Walmart, and you dictate the terms of how things will be done during and prior to the retreat. The methods are mostly non conventional and lack of human logic and are purely driven by the Divine inspiration the shaman receives.
If you do not treat the shaman with respect and humbleness there is a great chance you will not get on with the shaman and you will waste an opportunity to learn and heal. 
Most people suffer from anxiety and impatience, lack of love and tolerance. This does not give yo the right to rush things or demand quicker service or a 'bigger dose'. Each step is a preparation for the next one, we have the tools to heal you.
The process of the healing and teaching is on a cosmic time and order, such as planets go around the Sun and the Sun goes around other bigger stars there is an order and constant movement. This takes a very long time so do not expect any instant results.

Patience, compassion, humbleness are the qualities necessary to access the spiritual world with shaman's help. If you do not posses those the shaman will teach you and provide you with tools to start learning.
If you don't behave according to the shaman's guidelines and instruction you will be asked to leave the retreat space without any money back.

If you are looking for a DMT experience or trying to experience something different like a parachute jump this retreat is not for you. This retreat is also not for you if you used weed / grass in the last 6 months. You need to undergo a special cleanse before you join a ceremony.

In short if you are serious, disciplined enough to follow the shamans instruction and are able with an open heart to the retreat to learn and receive whatever you are ready to receive than send us your short application.

Please apply only if you can comfortably pay for the retreat
No discounts, nor free participation is offered. 
There are of course cheaper retreats than ours, we are asking a fair price for what we offer. 
We work exclusively in places and venues of special beauty and abundance and that carry a special Earth, Cosmic and Divine energies, so you can incorporate that during your stay and 'take it with you'. We also work exclusively with small groups of carefully selected serious students/participants.

To apply to participate please send a quick note about yourself, your spiritual practice to-date and the motivation behind doing this retreat. Also enclose a photo of yourself where your eyes are visible and/or link your facebook account.
The shaman will decide whether he is interested in inviting you to the retreat and you will have a personal interview with the shaman via skype before you join the retreat.

Bookings and contact:
Lyn, assistant to Thomas White Eagle
WhatsApp: +420775555731

Cancellation/changes/no show policy:
1) Once you book your place / pay there are no refunds. It is a serious commitment to take part in the retreat. You should honor that and so will we.
2) If you can't make it to a selected retreat you can:
a) find somebody else until 7 days before the start date, no extra fee required
b) no shows with no notice equals in 100% fee loss.

3) if we cancel the retreat for any reason you will be either given full refund within 8 weeks or rescheduled in the same location within 12 months. This will be established on individual case basis.