Paragliding holidays in Drama Greece

Paragliding holidays  
north Greece
one week

Dates 2020:
May - Oct

Come and join us for a week or two for a paragliding in this beautiful valley in the mountains near Drama, north of Greece, near the border from Bulgaria.
Drama is one of the hidden gems for paragliders.

If you are coming with a friend or partner who does not fly there are plenty of options and beaches to explore nearby.

Drama, Prosotsani and the general area
Drama is situated in North Eastern Greece, in the Macedonia region, close to the border of Bulgaria and approximately 115km NE of Thessaloniki. Our accommodation is based in the town of Prosotsani - 15km west along the main road and closer to the main take-off we use at Pyrgi. Prosotsani has a population of around 9,000, with all the local amenities you would expect to support a town of that size - shops, supermarkets, restaurants, bars etc, and also an open air swimming pool with some water slides on the edge of town. 

The terrain provides a nice mix of flatland flying with some sizable hills and Mount Falakro providing a back-drop to the area at 2,232 metres. 

The main take off is at Pyrgi, a 30 minute drive from the house and situated above the village of Petroussa. Altitude at take off is 1,187 metres and faces South. Usually the anabatic flow during the day draws the wind onto the face of the hill and there is a light breeze to take off in.

There are good XC routes and potential to the East, West and South, with only Thessaloniki CTR 70km to the SW to avoid. Flying to the beaches south of Kavala to the East is also possible if the sea breeze isn't too strong. Circuit flights around the valley of 80-90km+ can be achieved given light winds.

Later on in the afternoon and evening, the sea breeze from the East usually begins, and there are 2 take-offs above the town of Drama we can use for evening soaring flights. It is usually still thermic later on and it is therefore relatively easy to get high enough to fly the 15km west back to Prosotsani (or further round the valley) from these take-offs (Named 'Korilovos' East or S.E).

North Eastern Greece generally has relatively warm, dry summers, with a prevailing light Northerly wind bringing dry air from the land mass above. Cloudbase is typically 2,500-3000m during the summer. The terrain provides plenty of good thermal triggers, and climbs of 3-5m/s are typical.

All pilots need to be suitably qualified to fly on their own in whichever country they are coming from. 
Holiday insurance with Paragliding cover is mandatory for all guests. JS Insurance, Axa and Dog Tag Insurance all provide specialist holiday insurance that can cover Paragliding.

Pilots also need to be suitably equipped with a VHF Radio (Trackers will be provided).

How to get there:
The nearest main airport is Thessaloniki (SKG) 
Other near airport is Kavala (KVA).

Prices per person based on one week stay (7D/6N)
In a private room in a host house
 990 per person - last minute prices when paid in last 2 weeks before the course
 850 per person - standard prices
 750 per person - early bird prices for payments at least 60 days before the start date
In an B&B private room with bathroom
 1250 per person - last minute prices when paid in last 2 weeks before the retreat
 1150 per person - standard prices
 990 per person - early bird prices for payments 
 at least 60 days before the start date
Prices include:
* return airport transfer to/from the airport
* accommodation for 6 nights
* transport to launch and landing spots retrieves in a 4x4 airconditioned vehicle
* 2 flights a day : morning and evening
* evening go outs together for meals (consumption included in the price)
* activities and Transport on non-flyable days (beach day, Underground River Caves at Aggitis, Paranesti Village & St Barbara Waterfall, Walking/Hiking, Natural spring and park in Drama, wineyard tour)

What to bring:
* own equipment
* beach gear
* trekking shoes

Bookings and contact:
Whatsapp: +30.6974575898

Private retreats are available by special arrangement for groups of 4 or more.

Cancellation/changes/no show policy:
1) Once you book your place / pay there are no refunds. It is a serious commitment to take part in the retreat. You should honor that and so will we.
2) If you can't make it to a selected retreat you can:
a) find somebody else until 7 days before the start date, no extra fee required
b) no shows with no notice equals in 100% fee loss.

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