Game of Thrones inspired experiential retreats

Game of Thrones 
inspired experiential retreats

Do you like games? real experiences?
Do you like Cirque de Solei?
Do you like ancient history? or visiting historical places?
o you like experiences? Theatre? exploring human behaviours?
would you like to live life of kings/queens/nobles of the ancient/medevial times? live like in a historical movie? would you like to live thru the adventure of the heroes from the move Game of Thrones?

than this experiential retreat is for you......

The concept: 
The idea is to bring not only a historical / movie based experiences to all those who are interested in them but also help people really experience certain feelings/emotions.

as for most of the people life is very plain, very safe, very routine based / very unexiting, there is no fear, no struggle, no real, intense emotions.....

and this is why we will bring an element of excitement, of an adventure, mix in elements of shamanism and history and we will experience : camel/horse riding for days, sailing, learn how to sword fight, gather wood, cook on fire and sleep in the forest, spend a night in a dungeon/cave, chase thru the forest, carry a friend thru the snows and ice, acting, singing, study ancient languages, 
we will sometimes dress up  ourselves  as our favorite character from the movie and sometime will dress up our horse in the colors of our favorite house....
and of course have great feast with great and abundant food, wine and whiskey...etc

we will use some locations of the actual move taking place, Dubrovnik, Belfast, Iceland, Morocco, Malta and other locations that can provide a great experience and feel of the movie scenes.

The producers:
A team of event/retreat organizers, history and old ways and old values lovers, experts of mysticism, shamanism and ancestral traditions.

About 20 to 25 retreats a year, one week long each. at least 2 each month.

Prices from:
Euro 1500 per person
Euro 2500 for 2 people sharing room / booking together

an example of a retreat
Camel trek nomadic adventure Sahara desert in Morocco

an example of a themed event in delivered in Greece:
Game of Thrones Whisky Weekend this year.

Future themed productions:
Lord of the Rings
The Vikings
Rome - the Empire
The Inka empire
Pirates of the Carribean

Thomas Warzywoda
The Producer