Baños de florecimiento / limpieza de aura

Los baños de florecimiento no sólo sirven para desintoxicar nuestro organismo sino que, al ser realizados en forma ritual, estimulan espiritualmente a las personas que atraviesan un ciclo de baja energía y sirven para la limpieza del aura que rodea a cada persona. El aura es una energía electromagnética dotada de ciertos componentes biológicos, con capacidad de emitir distintas ondas de luz según sea su vibración y en función de nuestro estado físico, mental y emocional de cada momento.

Las hierbas que se utilizan para los baños de florecimiento tienen efectos medicinales que desinflaman y desintoxican nuestros órganos. Asimismo posee efectos relajantes sobre el sistema nervioso, contrarrestando el estrés y contribuyendo a equilibrar nuestro metabolismo. Aparte de estas virtudes benéficas se le atribuye cualidades esotéricas y hasta mágicas por cuanto se considera que ejerce limpieza del aura cuando el baño se realiza en forma de ritual. Lo cierto es que existen muchas personas que afirman que han sentido la limpieza del aura y esto se puede comprobar cuando, luego de su aplicación, el organismo se revitaliza, mentalmente se adquiere una actitud más positiva hacia la vida, incluso se comienza a tener rachas en que se atrae a la buena suerte, lo que sigue siendo inexplicable para la ciencia.

Como es de suponer, para lograr los efectos deseados es imprescindible que la persona se encuentre predispuesta a cambiar el panorama que le afecta para lograr descargarse de toda negatividad.
Así pues, el baño de florecimiento no es sólo para limpiar y desintoxicar el cuerpo y sus órganos de toxinas, sino que es principalmente un preparado que contribuye a estimular espiritualmente a la persona que está en un ciclo de baja energía.

* la mejor manera es tomarse la ducha caliente en el Centro EcoSalud preparada con las plantas
* quien prefiere se puede hacer la limpieza a 'seco' con las plantas y el tabaco

Mientras el baño se prepara se hacen oraciones de propositos con el tabaco o la coca, acompañado con velas.

Por favor marcar la cita y traer la toalla!

Aportación: a consultar

Baños para: 
* limpieza de energías negativas
* atraer amor
* prosperidad

Chocolate and Mayan Fire ritual

Mystical Mayan / Azteca style
Chocolate and Fire ritual

Everything in our Galaxy and in our Solar System has an order, every Star in the Galaxy, every planet has it's place, it's orbit and speed of rotation around the Sun. Nothing happens by chance, there is a perfect order and harmony to it. This order is a spiritual order.
During the ceremony the priest invokes the powers that govern this order to help us reestablish the order and harmony on our lives and the lives of our community/town.
Thisceremony allows inner harmonizing (4 elemets of our body and chakra aligmnet) and external harminising of 8 elements of our life (friends, creativity, work, family, relationships, spirituality, success and prosperity).

Us, humans, we also can use our intelligence to allign ourselves with the spiritual order that governs this Solar System, so that we can find our place and purpose on this planet and receive energy and teachings from the Sun, the most luminous entity in our Solar System.

A ritual fire will be made and offerings of corn,coca leaves, feathers, chocolate beans and incents will be made to the fire.

Chocolate ritual
Follows the Fire Ceremony. This ritual also wakes up your magical powers with a mistical way of drinking a cup of chocolate.

Duration: 2hs approx

San Pedro Ceremony

San Pedro / Wachuma : Sacred Cactus from the Andes

San Pedro (Trichocereus pachanoi), the sacred cactus and visionary teacher plant of the South Americas, is especially associated with the shamans and healers (curanderos) of the Peruvian Andes. It has other names among these healers as well; including "El Remedio": The Remedy, which refers to its healing and visionary powers which, they say, can help us to let go of "the illusions of the world".

Cactus ceremonies are held to cure illnesses of a spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical nature; to know the future through the prophetic and divinatory qualities of the plant; to overcome sorcery or saladera (an inexplicable run of ‘bad luck'); to ensure success in one's ventures; to rekindle love and enthusiasm for life; and to experience the world as divine.
Even its post-Hispanic name, San Pedro, embodies these qualities because Saint Peter is the holder of the keys to Heaven and the name of the cactus therefore speaks of its ability to ‘open the gates' into another world where those who drink it can heal, discover their divinity, and find their purpose on Earth.

In a nutshell partecipation allows better connection with onself, with Mother Earth and also strenghtening of ones physical body and one's spirit.

I have my own way of working with San Pedro:
The ceremony I offer is done after dark with a Sacred Fire.
Sad Pedro Medicine offered is prepared as follows: cactus cut and dried on the Sun, mixed with honey, chocoloate nuts and rasins.
It is subtle, soft and sweet ceremony suitable for everyone. It brings the state of well being and allows connection with the Spirit (for those who are ready for it).

Good read:

Please book at least 2 to 3 days in advance.

Important note: Integration period post ceremony
After a ceremony with teacher plants (Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Peyote etc) or a retreat where the teacher plants are used it is essential for your own good to integrate the experiance. What does it mean? It means you should take your time and have at least the full day or 2 days in a quiet place where you can sleep, have walks in nature, eat light and healthy food, drink loads of water, liquids and fruit juices.
After the ceremony you body is fragile and your energy field is still open and it can be very damaging for you if you are set to travel by bus or plane for many hours. There no point of rushing things thru willing to see more places or wanting to experience more ceremonies. Take your time, and give you body and your energetical system time to adapt to a new configuration.

Unless you are in a retreat with a specific programme with a start and finish it is recommended you to have at least 2 weeks break before you have another ceremony.

Andean Blessing / Despacho ceremony

Andean Blessing / Despacho ceremony 

To Live In Harmony And Be In Right Relationship With All Creation

A despacho (translates from Spanish into “dispachment” or “shipment”, a “sending off”) ceremony, is an offering of gratitude to Mother Earth or PachaMama, and is one of the most important of Andean ceremonies. The offering itself is a bundle of various small gifts, including shells, sweets, flowers, and coca leaves, that are attentively arranged, wrapped up, blessed, and burnt as an offering to Pacha Mama. When a despacho ceremony is performed we unify our connection with Mother Earth, God and the Universal Order.  We put order into all aspects of our life whether physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or material and by doing so obtain a high level of vitality, courage, wisdom and passion.  All those around us then share the new order and happiness received by fulfilling this offering.

Please book at least 1 day in advance.

This ritual can be also performed for a person or family present or in distance modality