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Origin: handmade by a shaman in Peru
Use: for aura cleansings and/or object of power

Cóndor feather $300 (as shown)
Cóndor feathers with palo santo wooden handle $330
+pp vía Ups

Macaw feathers: $100 (as shown)
Macaw feathers with palo santo wooden handle $120
+pp vía Ups

Origin: Handmade in Peru
Use: Used in rituals / meditations to slay demons related to drugs and drug addiction
Price: U$D150 + pp via DHL


Shamanic drum

Origin: Handmade and handpainted in Peru
Use: Power instrument. Can be used to expand ones energy or to enter in alterned state of consciousness

unpainted: U$D250 + pp via DHL
painted: U$D350 + pp via DHL


Karya Siddhi Yantra 






Origin: madre un India, material Copper

Use: Power instrument. This yantra is meant for fulfillment of all desires.

Prices: from U$D250 for 20x20cm +pp via DHL 

Price depends on size and material used. Materials available: Copper, Copper + gold, Hologram.

Karya Siddhi is an highly effective Yantra, which ensures the individual's well-being & success in almost every aspect of his life. Karya Siddhi Yantra is composed of a circle, divided into seven equal segments, each segment containing a figure & a number. One is for knowledge, wisdom & healing of diseases; one denotes music, confidence & happiness; for family progress in the present and future; For health, wealth, prosperity, a comfortable & happy home, and protection from all troubles; For power, authority, finances of the individual & those dependent on him. Karya Siddhi yantra also signifies success in politics, favors from superiors & fulfillment of all desires; for protection against the 'evil eye' and other dangers to both - the individual & his family, for courage against all odds, ensuring success in all activities.

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Scheduled activities:Cuzco & Sacred Valley



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Condor &  Eagle medicine seminar
One week shamanic intensive
Where: Pisac, Sacred Valley, Cuzco

When Condor and Eagle medicine meet the balance of the inner and outter world is established.

This seminar is especially recommended for those seeking nourishing with the Andean energies and those in need for grounding.
We will use elements of the Andean shamanism and North American shamanism.

The programme includes:
* Andean Blessing / Despacho ceremony with High Andean Priest
* Nagual shamanic drumming / soul flight workshops
* Mayan / azteca style harmonizing chocolate ceremonies
* San Pedro Sacred Fire ceremony with  “Danza de las Tijeras” (Scissors Dance) presentation
* Sweatlodge / Temazcal


Activities under the guide of: Thomas White Eagle 

If you need more information about the retreat, activities and ceremonies please contact:
Thomas White Eagle assistant - Dile

The bookings for this retreat are operated via our  Business Partners: 
Aston Garcia Tours (Luxury Tours in South America)
Payments accepted: Credit Cards, PayPal, Smart International Money Transfer, UK bank transfers)

Aston Garcia Tours can also provide you with flights for your trip and make other travel arragements: hotels, other activities and treks before and after the retreat.

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Important note: Integration period post ceremony
After a ceremony with teacher plants (Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Peyote etc) or a retreat where the teacher plants are used it is essential for your own good to integrate the experiance. What does it mean? It means you should take your time and have at least the full day or 2 days in a quiet place where you can sleep, have walks in nature, eat light and healthy food, drink loads of water, liquids and fruit juices.
After the ceremony you body is fragile and your energy field is still open and it can be very damaging for you if you are set to travel by bus or plane for many hours. There no point of rushing things thru willing to see more places or wanting to experience more ceremonies. Take your time, and give you body and your energetical system time to adapt to a new configuration.

Unless you are in a retreat with a specific programme with a start and finish it is recommended you to have at least 2 weeks break before you have another ceremony.

We have designed some activites that are great for integrating the experience and yet having a nice and meaningfull experience.

Optional add on packs:
* 5D/4N Sacred Valley Pilrgimage Mountain Trecking more info >>
Sacred trecking pilgrmage throu the mountains to undescovered and unspoiled Temples and sites.
prices from

4D/3N Inca Jungle Pilgrimage Trek to Machu Picchu more info >>
Unusual trek to Machu Picchu by Inca Jungle route through incredible scenery. Ayahuasca / San Pedro jungle ceremony onroute.
prices from U$D 495

Scheduled activities: Arequipa