martes, 10 de septiembre de 2013

Personal rejuvenation

Have you ever wondered if we all bound with the decay of time? Well, yes all men are bound to physical death, but there are ways to renew the energy with ourselves and our body.

Have you ever wished it was possible to reverse the ageing process? 
Have you wished for some energy to do your things and keep on working, helping your community and your family?

Yes, this is possible. I can help you with that.

How I do it?
I have 'received' this ability after many years of meditation, mantra chanting and use of Ayahuasca jungle tea - ancestral medicine.
I work with Divine forces that allow me to do two things:
a) rejuvenate the body of a person, i.e. renewal of 4 basic elements that contitute of our body (earth, water, fire, wind) 
b) inject new vital energies into the person

Interested? How to request a rejuvenation?
First you should send me your details (please see below) and send me the evaluation fee. I than perform the rejuvenation Ayahuasca ritual for you, first I request spiritual go ahead to do the rejuvenation and this is given immediately I perform a rejuvenation treatment. A day or two after you should be aleady feel the difference and your appearance should change notable, than you know the treatment had worked and now you are ready to send the outstanding balance.

1) I reserve myself a right not to perform a rejuvenation, it depends of the person's soul permition and personal karma (good deads vs bad deads balance) that determines the 'spiritual go ahead to perform the rejuvenation ritual.
2) Rejuvenation is not a healing, rejuvenation is directed for fairly healthy people, with low life force energies. due to age, surgery or accident.
If you require a healing first I will advise you on it. I will use your evaluation fee money to perform a distance healing. Please view the distance healing secion >>

Evaluation fee (paid in advance)
* Euro 300 for the EU
* USD 300 for the US and other countries

Rejuvenation fee - first time (paid after the rejuvenation 'treatment')
* from Euro1000  for the EU
* from USD 1000 for the US and other countries

To perform distance rejuvenation or evaluation please send me by email:

Thomas White Eagle assistant - Dile

* persons name and current location 
* current photo

domingo, 8 de septiembre de 2013

Help with a sale of a property

If you have any property that has been on your books for longer than you or the owners would have liked please get in touch and I can help you to make the sale. The property can be located anywhere in the world, I put a spell on the property so it gets sold fast.

If you are interested in getting help in selling a property please send me the following details:
* a picture of the property 
* its address
* your name
* asking price for the property and size
* commission you are prepared to pay once the property is sold

 Contact email to: 

Thomas White Eagle assistant - Dile
How much does it cost:
I ask for a payment towards the purchase of items I need in order to proceed:
it ranges Euro 500 to 5000 for Europe or U$D 500 to 5000 for other countries.

After the property is sold, I charge a small percentage (from 0,5 to 2% of the value of the sale).
This is flexible as it depends on your commission as an agent.

A typical example:
House value: USD400,000
Advanced payment required: USD800  (0,2%)
Post sale payment: USD3,200
Total: USD4,000 (1%)

* A minimum charge is USD1,000 even for smallest properties.
* If there is a need for an energetic cleansing for the sale to happen I will advise you on this.
This service would need to be contracted separately. More info >>

Energy cleansing of property

I am now offering energy cleansing services for houses, offices, hotel and properties in general.

Energy cleaning is especially suggested for old houses, spaces with a lot of tensions (offices etc) and lots of people traffic (hotels, event halls etc) and before you move in to a new place.

Energy cleaning is like a shower for humans, should be taken on regular basis otherwise we start getting residuals which affect our personal energy and personal health.

A normal house house be cleansed at least once or twice a year.
Places like hotels and other busy places should consider an energetic cleaning on monthly basis or so.

I also offer energy cleanings and additional shamanic/magic work to help to sell a property.

If the property needs energetic cleansing (from eg. wondering spirits, crime scene location, many years of conflicts or has been abandoned for many years) 

This service needs to be paid in advance. The price depends on the size of the property and complexity of the cleansing to do.

To perform a property cleanse please send me the following details:
* a picture of the property 
* its address
* your name
* property size

Please contact if interested. Serious enquiries only please.
Thomas White Eagle assistant - Dile

Distance personal healings

The patient can be located in any place in the world. Energy world does not have boundries.

1. Reiki / Reconnective healing mode

Contribution (paid in advance)
* Euro150 for EU
* USD150 for the US and other countries

Depending on the case 1 to 3 distance healing sessions will be offered in the period of 1 week.
Please note: to benefit yourself from this Reiki / Reconnective healing the patient must give their permition to receive this healing.

To perform distance healing please send me by email: 

Thomas White Eagle assistant - Dile

* patients name and current location 

Distant healing explained:

2. Ayahuasca Shamanic distance healing 

If you can't make it to South America or to an Ayahuasca session or simply you do not want to take part in the Ayahuasca ceremony you can still benefit yourself from the great healing the Ayahuasca power plant allows me to do, patient does not have to be present in the session I hold, they can be located in any place on the world.

Contribution (paid in advance)
* from Euro300 for EU
* from USD300 for the US and other countries

To perform distance healing please send me by email:
* patients name and current picture

Please see also Shamanic rejuvenation treatments >>

3. Shamanic distance healing / entities extraction 

Sometimes the patient says they do not want to be healed but you as a member of the family or a good friend know they need help. If the person has an altered behaviour eg. excess of violence, heavy drugs or alcohol addiction and similar, there is probably an external entity (spirits, wodering souls or even deamons) that had possed partly or completely the persons body.

If you would like to request my intervention please send me a note explaining the story of the person in need of help. I reserve myself a right no to perform a healing, it depends of the soul of the person and personal karma that determines the 'spiritual go ahead to perform a healing'.

Evaluation fee (paid in advance)
* Euro100 for EU
* USD100 for the US and other countries

Healing contribution (paid in advance)
* Euro500 for EU
* USD500 for the US and other countries

To perform distance healing or evaluation please send me by email:
* patients name and current location 
* photo of the patient and photo of a room where they sleep