Energy cleansing of property

I am now offering energy cleansing services for houses, offices, hotel and properties in general.

Energy cleaning is especially suggested for old houses, spaces with a lot of tensions (offices etc) and lots of people traffic (hotels, event halls etc) and before you move in to a new place.

Energy cleaning is like a shower for humans, should be taken on regular basis otherwise we start getting residuals which affect our personal energy and personal health.

A normal house house be cleansed at least once or twice a year.
Places like hotels and other busy places should consider an energetic cleaning on monthly basis or so.

I also offer energy cleanings and additional shamanic/magic work to help to sell a property.

If the property needs energetic cleansing (from eg. wondering spirits, crime scene location, many years of conflicts or has been abandoned for many years) 

This service needs to be paid in advance. The price depends on the size of the property and complexity of the cleansing to do.

To perform a property cleanse please send me the following details:
* a picture of the property 
* its address
* your name
* property size

Please contact if interested. Serious enquiries only please.

Leading shaman: Thomas Aquila Bianca

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