Retreats and Andean Pilgrimages in Peru


Sacred Valley Ayahuasca Retreat More info >>
10D Sacred Valley, Cuzco, Peru

The Titicaca Lake Rural Tour More info >>
The Earth's second chakra and the Golden Disk hidden in the lake energies are awating us. 
5D/4N Chucuito, near Puno, Peru
from U$D 850


Inca Jungle Pilgrimage Trek to Machu Picchu More info >>
Unusual trek to Machu Picchu by Inca Jungle route through incredible scenery. Ayahuasca or San Pedro ceremony onroute as optional. 
4D/3N Sacred Valley, Cuzco, Peru 
from U$D 495

Cusco - Machu Picchu Jungle Trek - Sacred Valley More info >>
One week visit to Cusco city and than Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu.
7D/6N Sacred Valley, Cuzco, Peru
from U$D 845

Horseback Riding Trek to Machu Picchu More info >>
This horseback tour takes you from Cusco to the sacred valley of the Incas and Machu Picchu is designed for horse lovers. Ayahuasca or San Pedro ceremony onroute as optional. 
4D/3N Sacred Valley, Cuzco, Peru 
from U$D 1500

Sacred Valley Pilgrimage Mountain Treking More info >>
Sacred trecking pilgrmage throu the mountains to undescovered and unspoiled Temples and sites with pure energy. You will be walking where virtually no tourist walk. There are opportunities for spiritual Andean initiations on this route.
5D/4N Sacred Valley, Cuzco, Peru 
from U$D 495

Salkantay Trekking Tour to Machu Picchu More info >>
Trekking thru impressive range of mountains in the Viclanota Valley. Ayahuasca or San Pedro ceremony onroute as optional. 
5D/4N or 4D/3N Sacred Valley, Cuzco, Peru 
from U$D 479

Trek to Choquequirao More info >>
Choquequirao, Machu Picchus sister city, enigmatic last refuge of the Incas. Ayahuasca or San Pedro ceremony onroute as optional. 
4D/3N Sacred Valley, Cuzco, Peru 
from U$D 495

Andean Vision Quest, Sacred Valley, Peru More info >>

Life transformation mystical rituals

San Pedro outdoor ceremony  
(Daytime or Night) More info >>
   Wisdom of the Andes. Streghtens the body and the spirit.
Conditions: 1-3 days preparation

Small and intimate groups only.

Ayahuasca (Daytime or Night) More info >>

Sacred plant from the Amazon. Allows entry to the spirit world.
Conditions1-3 days preparation

Small and intimate groups only.

Willka / Yopo / Parica More info >>

The sacred seed from the Andes. Blown to the nose holes. Heals at a deep level, very strong and intense experience.
  Conditionsday preparation

Temazcal / Sweatlodge More info >>
  Conditionsday preparation

Kambo / Frog medicine More info >>
  Conditionsday preparation

Jungle Tabacco tea cleansing ritual More info >>
    With this purge you gain mental clarity and emotional healing. Emininates autodistructive habits.
Conditions1-3 days preparation

Soul flight - shamanic drumming meditation More info >>
    This ritual allows astral out of body travel.

Sacred Fire ceremony More info >>
    Cleaning and harmonizing outdoor fire ritual.

Mystical Mayan / Azteca style Chocolate and Fire ritual More info >>
    Discover the magical powers of chocolate with this harmonizing fire ritual.
   Private/small group ceremony. Pricing on request.

Andean Blessing / Despacho ceremony More info >>

Restores balance of giving and taking with the Earth. 
Spiritual blessing and permittion to travel to the Sacred Sites in the Andes

Ritual / tribute / payment to Yemanya More info >>
Tribute and offerings to Yemanya (Goddess of the Sea). Needs to be performed at the seaside.

Other services also performed at distance

One-on-one Sessions More info >>

Personal healings More info >>
Personal rejuvenation More info >>

Death rites More info >>

Town / Area purification & healing More info >>
Divine Justice Intervention (against crime and corruption etc) More info >>

Andean Blessing / Despacho ceremony More info >>

Shamanic consultations More info >>
Tarot Cards readings More info >>
Astrology and Astrocartography readings More info >>

Help with removal of obstacles and delays in construction or refurbishing of a house/building More info >>
Help with a sale of a property (house, land, commercial property) More info >>
Energy cleansing of property (house or land) More info >>

Other Shamanic services

Guidance and ceremonies at Sacred Sites More info >> 
Guidance  on your travels in the Andes, jungle and elsewhere.
Conditions:  from U$D500 per day

Mystical & spiritual orientation and consultation More info >>
Conditionsfrom U$D500 per person

White Eagle Shamanic Study Centre More info >>
Long terms stays and studies

Courses and classes

Meditation and Mantra classes  More info >>

Kabbalah course More info >>

The course 'Basic Shamanic training' More info >>

Ongoing: one weekend once a month. Whole cycle lasts 3 years.

Studies of the Book of Magic of God Marduk, the Lord of Magic
Ongoing: 1 week minimum. Whole cycle is 50 weeks.  More info >>

Vision Quest Sacred Valley, Peru More info >>
Seeking for power, humilty and vision

Reiki courses More info >>