Sacred Valley Pilgrimage Mountain Treking

5D/4N Sacred Valley Pilgrimage Mountain Treking

Sacred trecking pilgrmage throu the mountains to undescovered and unspoiled Temples and sites with pure energy. You will be walking where virtually no tourist walk. There are opportunities for spiritual Andean initiations on this route.

Detailed programme

Day 1: Urubamba to Chinchero.
After breakfast you are met at your hotel by your guide to begin your trek. The trek starts in the local community pueblo of Chichubamba passing along agricultural fields towards the small town of Yucay which during the Inca time was the elected resort for the Inca royalty which also attributes a mythological character and empowerment on the human spirit. Here there are numerous Inca constructions one of the most outstanding among these is the Palace of the Inca Sayri Túpac. This is a stone and adobe construction with beautiful wall decorations. After a stop to take a guided tour of the palace we head to the pueblo of Huallaybamba following the path of the Urubamba river before ascending by the Inca Trail to Urquillos to enjoy one of the natural and spectacular views that this area of the Andes provides us here we may be able to appreciate the snow capped mountains of Pitusiray and Sawasiray a symbol of the duality to The Incas also you will notice the change in flora as we ascend up the valley. We reach our lunch stop in the scenic setting among the terraces and aquaducts of Urquillos. After lunch we continue on to Chinchero passing through Andean communities going about their daily routines including farming and shepherding their flocks of sheep. We pass by the ruins of an “Incatambo” which was an Incan military post or a resting place. We reach Chinchero via the beautiful valley behind the town where we will have time to explore the Inca ruins and temple before making our way to our campsite ro evening dinner. 
Overnight Chinchero.

Day 2: Chinchero to Zurite.
After breakfast we begin our trek across the agricultural plains of Chinchero district set amongst  the incredible scenic backdrop of the spectacular snowcapped Andean mountains and the nearby Lake Huaypo. As we trek passing through local Andean communities and flocks of sheep and goats we approach the town of Huarocondo where we will set up camp in a nearby eucalyptus forest for our lunch. After a rest and lunch we continue through the town of Zurite and the gently ascend to the one the most impressive and largest Inca n agricultural terraces in the area. Close by we will make our overnight camp. 
Dinner and overnight Zurite.

Day 3: Zurite to Ankahuasi.
After breakfast explore the terraces with your guide as we trek towards Zurite district and Tamboreal where we stop for lunch before ascending up through a forest as we head towards our camp at Ankawasi archaeological complex the Quecha meaning is Eagle house As we descend to this rarely visited ancient site we can observe the layout of the temples and buildings of this mystical place. The Ankahuausi site features the Killarumiyoq or Quillarumiyoq the meaning of which when one breaks down the name into its component parts is : Quilla, meaning moon, Rumi being rock, and Yoq meaning place of.Although this, like almost all ancient places in the area are regarded by conventional academics as being of Inca construction, there is evidence that at least one older ancient culture may have been present here due to the much higher technological standard  of the stonework than the Inca had access to. 
There is free time to experience and explore this special site. 

The Ankahuausi site is an initiatic complex, where initiations and rituals are available (optional)

Dinner and overnight Ankahuasi.

Day 4: Ankahuasi to Pachar.
After breakfast we head down through the valley following the route of the river heading for the village of Socma which is a short distance from Ollantaytambo. Just before we arrive to Socma we'll have a stop to take photos of some stone-age petroglyphs behind Socma as we make our way to a small Inca site and beautiful waterfall that lie at the top of the valley. Walking past fields cultivated with potatoes, corn and quinua we will have the opportunity to see a variety of birds and native plants and to learn about the customs of the Andean people. Your guide will teach you a little Quechua (the language of the Incas) so that you can communicate with the people you meet on the trek. After lunch in a  local community we have the opportunity to visit a local family and practise some the Quecha language we learnt earlier during the day. After lunch and time spent  with the local people we head to our campsite close to Pachar stopping along the way to visit the Inca site of Perolniyoc. 
Diner and overnight near Pachar.

Day 5: Pachar to Cachicata - Ollantaytambo- Pinkuylluna.
After breakfast we take a short trek to Cachicata the quarry used by the Inca to construct Ollantaytambo. We will have a guided tour and the opportunity of exploring Cachicata. Despite it's proximity to Ollantaytambo and the wide variety of interesting features, hardly anyone actually comes up here. Cachicata is an extensive site, it was the quarry used by the Inca for the construction of Ollantaytambo and there are various points of interest including several large buildings, quarried stones left half finished and abandoned throughout the site, chullpas (burial houses) and a cave with Inca mummies still in place.

After a guided tour of the site and lunch we'll continue our way down the mountain following the original platform used for transporting the stones to Ollantaytambo. Our final visit of the trek will be at the nearby ancient ruins Pinkuylluna overlooking the Patacancha river and the Incan town. 

Apu Pincuylluna was a dwelling place of Tunupa or Wiracocha is a very important figure in the Incan Mythology, a pilgrim preacher of knowledge. It is believed that Tunupa turned to stone in Ollantaytambo.

This site offers us an opportunity for an Andean Blessing and some meaningfull meditations (optional)
We might be even get a presence of an Andean Wisdom Keeper and Sage, Grandfather Vidal (if available).

After spending time on the Apu Pincuylluna we head down to the town of Ollantaytambo where our transport will return us to our hotel in Urubamba. 

May 16 to 20
June 20 to 24
July 18 to 22
July 29 to 2 August
August 13 to 17
August 26 to 30
September 5 to 9
September 16 to 20
September 28 to 2 October
October 30 to 5 November

Treks available also on demand.


Trek only  
In a group of 2: USD765  
In a group of 4: USD555
In a group of 6: USD495    
In a group of 7- 10: USD470

Single supplement: USD115

Optional add ons: 
* Ankahuausi initiations and rituals : USD 150 per person
Apu Pincuylluna Andean Blessing and activities : : USD 100 per person

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