Reconnective healing

The reconnective healing, not only includes all that is know an energy healing, but has a wider spectrum of operation.
It is a healing with a sacred geometry which codes are being carried by the reconective healing practitioner.

The spectrum of reconnective healing contains the mixture of: energy, light and information, it not only heals but also speeds up our evolution process thats to the information 'downloaded'.

It is very efficient in:

* cancer cure
* AIDA derived sicknesses cure
* epilepsy and multilpe sclerosis cure
* crinoc tiredness healing

The reconnective healing operates on a tonal frequency, (light and sound alike), and allows healings that trascend phisical, mental, emotional is in a way a 'new generation' healing technique.

The results of the healing can be experienced and felt immediately, the day after and days to follow.

It is recommended to do a series of reconnective healings to take a full benefit of these healings.

There are minimum  3 reconnective healings in order to proceed to the reconnection....

This method is being promoted by Dr. Eric Pearl and his students.