Seshen: Ancient Egyptian Vibrational healing technique


Art of vibrational healing from Ancient Egypt of the Blue Lotus.
This powerfull healing technique brings the vibration of The Ethernity from where the Supreme Light and Intelligence of the Creation comes. It was practiced by healers and priests in the Ancient Egypt, had been a hermetic healing art since and lost since the Middle Ages.
It is highy efficient and sophisticated healing and harmonising technique, which takes the energy healing to a new level, as it comes for the words that go beyond Enlightment.
It trasmutes the dense energies in our body, emotions, mind and soul in pure light and can be applied to people of an age and any health conditions. Seshen is not a new, invented or channels system, it has been transmitted since thousands of years from teacher to student.

Sheshen is especially effective for:
* stopping development and spread of the illnesses like cancer, loss of hearing etc
* cronical 'uncurable' diseases
* destroys negative mental patterns: worries, obsessions, suicidal ideas etc
* addictions and auto-destructive habbits
* lack of concentration, difficulty with studies and memory
* lack of motivation to life, work etc
* anxiety, panic, and lack of peace and rest in general

Spiritual benefits of Seshen
* establishes a sacred geometry patters of the Tree of Life in the eneretical body
* harmonising and completing planetary energies in our energetical bodies
* black magic removal and aquired dense energy contamination states

The modality:
* Sessions are available on demand in person. 
* Can be performed anywhere, patients needs to be sitting on a chair.
* The session takes between 15 to 30min
* Once a week maximum frequency

Note: Significant changes start taking place after third session of Seshen.

Miami prices (general public):
One session: $100
Pack of 3 sessions: $250
Pack of 12 sessions: $600

My grade: Seshen practitioner, first initiation in 2015.
Teacher: Sahu Ari Merek, President of the International School of Egyptian Meditation and Kabbalah, International teacher of Shaken, vibrational medicine of Ancient Egypt.