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Preparing for ceremonies at your place

Preparation for the Tobacco Purge  Ceremony

The setting:
The ceremony is best done  outside around the fire. We need a dried firewood for about 2hours small/midsized fire.
There should be around 1meter distance between the partecipants.
We need to guarantee the  privacy of the session so there should be no outside interference.
Toilet should be located nearby.

For  preparation of the tobacco we need:
* 1 big pot for boiling water
* 1 small pot for preparation of the tobacco tea

The pans need to be clean and free from greese.

We also need a wooden spoon,a funnel and a stainer.

We need to store warm tobacco tea in a termos. 2liter termos for each 2 people.

For the session for each person we need:
* a bucket, around 5 liters capacity. Please allow for 2  spare buckets
* half roll of toilet paper per person
* 1 liter plastic jug per person. Please allow 2 spare ones.
* a blanket to sit / lie down on the gruond and an extra blanket to cover the patient.

For the facilitator we need:
* small table
* a chair

Preparation for the Ayahuasca Ceremony

The setting:
For the indoors ceremony we need a clean, warm room with calm,clear colours.
There should be virtually no noize from the street/neighbours.
Toilet should be located nearby.
There should be around 1 meter distance between the partecipants.

For the session for each person we need:
* a comfortable sitting place on the floor with carpets,yoga mats or else.there should be enough space for aperson to lie down
* a blanket

For the facilitator we need:
* small table
* a comfortable chair or armchair
*a blanket

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