Game of Throne - notes

Game of Thrones themed holiday / retreat & experience
Games, Magic, Yoga and more 

by W historical productions

Cirque de Solei type of retreat
experiential retreat
multiple locations - historical places
exotic experiences

Do you like games? real experiences?
Do you like Cirque de Solei?
Do you like ancient history? or visiting historical places?
o you like experiences? Theatre? exploring human behaviours?
would you like to live life of kings/queens/nobles of the ancient/medevial times? live like in a historical movie?
elementos of shamanism/ancient traditions
modern conforts

thank this experiential retreat is for you......

10 to 15 partecipants

historical league - point for partecipation and games
win: barell of whiskey, crate of wine, wine of california wineclub for 1 year, old chest, set of glasses, horns

Date / location / activities for women & men and joint
in the evening watch one series

Max 10 people per retreat

some activities are open to the public for one night

Prices early bird:
1500 per person
2500 for 2 people sharing room / booking together

prices last minute
1750 per person
2750 for 2 people sharing room / booking together

prices last minute
1990 per person
2990 for 2 people sharing room / booking together

Season 1

Belfast, Northern Island

Castle Black, which was built as a fully realized set in an abandoned quarry a few minutes drive north of Belfast.

Malta for scenes set in the Free City of Pentos and in King’s Landing

Season 2
Dubrovnik still has medieval walls right on the coast, which were well-suited to depict King’s Landing. Several other locations in Croatia nearby Dubrovnik were also used.

Night’s Watch expedition in the frozen lands beyond the Wall, location shooting moved to national parks in Iceland
Ballintoy Harbor — a small village in Northern Ireland
Courtyard banquet
Pyrgos Tower 

Season 3
run thru the snow
stay alone on a small island
iron islands castle - where is it?
horse ride in rope
sword fight with fire swords
cave termal bath
recite name of enemies-forgiveness
one eye experience / breathe thru one nosehole
night in the dungeon
horseridding without saddle

Season 4
forging a weapon
do someting with one hand
dont eat for a day
arrow making
arrow shooting
souna / swimming pool with whores
training on vital organs on the body
build a castle from snow / sand
delicious food / sweets
sleep outdoors by the fire
meditation fencing class by the river/waterfall
cooking food on fire

Season 5
go and see a witch
travel in a chest
sharpening a blade with a stone
light a fire with stones
coutryard banquet
burn alive
chase thru the forest on the horse
sword fighting on the horses
water gardens
mascs - mascerade party
learning how to read/speak new/ancient language
assassins temple
water of death - ayahuasca ceremony
wash the body
whorehouse games
rowing in the night
religiuos fanatics
carving things from wood
find info in old books
sailing thru tropical river
poetry reading/writing
boarding a ship and defending it
riding horses in winter/snow
walk in line with chains on
buying slaves
gladiators fight
stay without food and drink
eat horse meat
experience the cold and hunger
long march in cold/snow/winter
carving figurines in wood - workshop
game of clapping hands
give hidden liquod to somebody 'poison'
sail with colours/coat of arms of the clans
rhodos - colosus or rhodos/ walk in the old city
singing solo and in a choire/group
exclusive whorehouse / chooseing a girl
kiss somebody's and for respect/appology
write with a different hand than normally with feather
pie sb to a pole
gladiators fight
dragon neckless
fight with the spears
dragon noises
dragon flight experience
wear capes like commandres and kings
hang yourself
jump from high into the snow/water
wear a masq-what would you do?
go blind for sometime
poison and antidote
speak valerian (?)
surrounded by galpoing horses
washed harshly by nuns
walk thru the city in a bag clothing
big big guy carrying you

Season 6
resurection / playing dead
creatures of the cave / of the forest
snowland landscape
start a fire in the winter/snow weather
[ass thur hanging bridge
resurection ritual
after death visions - drumming/ayahuasca ceremony
sail thru the storm
vomiting - tobacco ceremony
sword fight by the castle
sword master - one vs 4
see your past family secrets/history
dothrakians desert march
undress someone by force
akward conversation at the table with people that dont speak your language
fight blindfolded
drive a horse driven carriage

- Norway for snow/ice wall
Morocco horses/camels for hord walking in the desert
fencing / sword fight / archery class
belly dance class
Medevial knight tournament
Visit to an exotic whorehouse
blindfolded eating and other activities
tantric sex workshop

singing together
Eagle's nest - find location
walking over a frozen lake / frozen lands expedition
sneaking out of the castle/guards
wine drinking / wineyards visit
on he dying bed - seminar about phases of dying
giving birth - seminar about giving birth in a natural (old times manner) and phases right after
gathering wood / making fire
visit to the museums
writing with feathers / calligraphy class
pottery making class
horse ridding
acting /poetry reading classes
Eat deer / game - switzerland/poland
Dragons - Kracow & medevial castle etc
Veliko Tarnovo - castle light show
Belogradchik rock - Bulgaria
sailing around Iron island (where?)
ancient language classes
painting classes
winter / aurorara borealis
herbs / potions making seminar
Torun - medevial town visit
armour wearing
sleep in the tent / yurt
have 'servants' dress you / comb you and bath you
battle / castle siege re-enactment partecipation dressed up in costumes
tarot card reading - destiny fortune telling
dancing goddess
vision quest
building building from stone
Taise type - group of prayer/food/houseworks
singing together by the fire
learn how to play an ancestral instrument
themed role play game
epic nature walks
make game meat on the fire
poland forest horse ride
do some physical work - mind rests
autumn - leafs forest walks - poland/courmayery/england
captures-soldiers forest chase
the marble experience
night in the dungeon
night under the earth
high vibration workshop / mantra for kings
wiskey tasting (athens/prague/scotland)
raw meat cutting
candle burning-drinking game
caves of malta
san gimigniano monastery
the magic of egypt
morroco desert stay
go and see the seer
tombs of the kings - warsaw crypt / westomister abbey
drinking form the horns
water caring contest

winter is coming
summer is coming

amorgos - yoga
ikaria - pyrgos villas stay
crete haraklion
hruba skala / zamek na skale
pucallpa - cooking ayahuasca the magic potion
puerto maldonado
nazca -
puno / chiquito
guatemala - san marcos eagles nest / jaguar temple
sacred velley - ollantaytambo - wisdom keeper & vision quest
the iron sings
the knighs' tournament
night / full moon sailing
Mather of Dragons - who looks like khaleesy contest in Kracov?

future themed productions:
Lord of the Rings
Following the footsteps of Alexandre the Great
Rome - the Empire
Following the footsteps of the Inka empire
harry potter
da vinci code
the prophecies of the mayas
Pirates of the Carribean