viernes, 24 de marzo de 2017


Thomas White Eagle 
Professional Shaman, Wizard, Mystical expert and holistic healer.

Whatsapp : +41 76.726.83.70


Skype: studiodivina - please schedule an appointment

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italiano, Polski

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  1. I was in desperate need of some healing and transformation! All of a sudden I had a window of time open up from busy USA life. I needed to find an Ayahausca Shaman and retreat in the next few days and get down to Ecuador. I tried getting in touch with a few different retreat options but the only one who got back to me in a timely fashion was Thomas White Eagle. Being a healer and intuitive myself, I immediately felt this man has integrity and wisdom. I was very accurate. One of the pitfalls of going to South America and working with a shaman in plant medicine ceremonies is that many of the indigenous shamans' have alcohol problems. I don't want to work with a shaman who is not clear when you are truly putting yourself and soul/ spirit in their hands!!! Thomas is very clear and walks a clear, ever expanding path. He also understands the importance of this. We had ceremonies on the beach in the Puerto Lopez area of Ecuador. The transformation the occurred for me was beyond words. I highly recommend Thomas White Eagle to anyone who is seeking a truly High Vibrational Transformational Experience!!! Thomas and I are now life long friends, this is mainly due to his character, vision and wisdom. I consider him a brother and someone who was MOST instrumental in a deeply personal process that very well saved my life when I needed it the most!!! Thomas, thank you, thank you, thank you.... love kenton

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