Diana and Mathieu Shamanic couple

Diana is an intuitive shamanic practitioner, healer, musician, and medicine woman. She began developing her skills as a light worker at a very young age. She has travelled to many places around the world apprenticing with Shipibo, Mayan, Toltec, and Qero healers, which have enhanced her abilities in facilitating plant medicine ceremonies, and traditional sweat lodge ceremonies, and helping people connect and respect Mother Earth. She has worked closely with plant diets and plant medicine, and currently offers international retreats with her life partner. She is skilled as a hatha yoga instructor, qi-gong instructor, shamanic massage practitioner, reiki master, offers munay-ki initiations, life coach, and co-founder of Amaruanka. She is devoted in offering ritual practices, meditation, sacred sexuality teachings, and sound healing to unify the connection from Nature to the sacred heart, and to encourage each human being to live and express their creative passion.

Mathieu is a skilled shamanic guide, visual artist, life coach, and medicine man. He combines yoga, meditation, rituals, power animal retrieval, and shamanic practices to help people connect nature to their sacred heart. His passion for travel, archaeology, sacred sites, and nature’s medicine, inspire him to facilitate international retreats that help people align their soul purpose in this incarnation. Having received initiations from the Qero mystics, he accompanies people in building a foundation and grounding practice to embody their role as Earth keepers, to live from the heart between earth and sky and truly love their life. He co-founded Amaruanka in 2015 with his life partner, and together they serve the divine masculine and feminine energy that inter-connects all walks of life.